The 11 Best Toys for Fine Motor Skill Development of 2022

Activities that help children develop their fine motor abilities are frequently discussed in early childhood settings. This is so that youngsters can use their hands and fingers to perform tasks like feeding themselves, buttoning buttons, tying shoes, using scissors, and writing words. One of early life's numerous jobs is strengthening the muscles in the fingers and hands.

Thankfully, young children may develop their fine motor abilities with various fantastic toys. Below is a list of the top 11 toys for helping the growth of fine motor skills.

Best Toys for Fine Motor Skill Development

There are some things you'll want to keep in mind.

First, look for toys that will help your child develop hand-eye coordination. This is an essential skill for Fine Motor Skill Development as it helps your child learn how to control their hands and fingers. 

Secondly, seek toys that promote the use of both hands together. This helps your child develop bilateral coordination, another critical aspect of Fine Motor Skill Development. And finally, choose toys that encourage your child to use imagination and creativity. These toys are great for helping your child develop their fine motor skills while having fun!

1) Water Blocks

Water Blocks
Water blocks are such a fun way for kids to explore and play! There are six blocks in the PlanToys Water Blocks, which come in 2 different forms and three watercolors. As you stack blocks to see what new hue you may make, young children will gain an understanding of color theory. To observe how the liquids change from covering the entire window to only a piece, lay flat, or stack on their sides—made sustainably in Thailand with chemical-free glue, organic pigments, and water-based dyes. Rubberwood is also used.

2) Snack Stack Sorting Box

Snack Stack Sorting Box
A snack stack sorting box is an excellent toy for developing fine motor skills. It helps children learn how to sort and stack objects and develop hand-eye coordination. The package comes with various sized and shaped objects, which can be sorted into different compartments. This is an excellent toy for encouraging problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

3) Down on the Farm Fabric Baby Book with Cow Puppet

Down on the Farm Fabric Baby Book with Cow Puppet

If you are searching for a fun, joyful, and interactive way to increase your little one's develop motor skills, check out the Down on the Farm Fabric Baby Book with Cow Puppet. This book contains activities that will engage your child's senses and get them moving their hands and fingers in various ways. From exploring the different textures of the fabric pages to playing with the cute cow puppet, your child will have a blast while they learn and grow.

4) Sun Teether - Clay

Sun Teether - Clay

When developing fine motor skills, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, certain toys can help promote the development of these essential skills. One such toy is the sun teether.

A sun teether is a better option for those looking for a toy to help develop fine motor skills. With our selection of solar teethers, you can help your baby's sore gums feel better. They are a stylish addition to your house because of their whimsical design and chic hues. They are made from 100% non-toxic, food-grade silicone and are safe for your kid.

5) Dinosaur Eggs Beeswax Crayons

Dinosaur Eggs Beeswax Crayons

Dinosaur eggs and beeswax crayons are the perfect toys for developing fine motor skills in young children. The egg shape is easy to grip, and the beeswax is soft and malleable, making it easy for small hands to manipulate. The bright colors are also visually stimulating, which can help promote hand-eye coordination. Although dinosaurs vanished from the planet 66 million years ago, our brand-new egg-shaped beeswax crayons are a vibrant fantasy that is certain to spark young artists' imaginations. This set contains six brightly colored crayons in an egg carton made from post-consumer recycled materials.

6) Earthy World Ball

Earthy World Ball

What could be better than a toy that makes your baby happy while simultaneously aiding in developing different skills? This ball is the perfect toy for babies aged six months and older. They can concentrate better thanks to the striking colors and patterns, improving visual tracking and vision. The bead rattle forms neural connections, and the chunky bumps develop motor skills like grasping, reaching, manipulating objects, and switching from one hand to the other.

7) Gakki Musical Trio

Gakki Musical Trio

Gakki, which in Japanese means "instrument," is a beautiful way for young children to get started with music. Drums, guiros, and bells are included in this 3-piece set of musical instruments. They are all solidly made of wood and have sturdy shapes that young children can grasp tightly. Your child will be inspired to play music by the lovely, vibrant colors, and you can easily travel with the set because it comes with a beautiful cloth bag.

8) Oekaki House Magic Drawing Board - Dog

Oekaki House Magic Drawing Board - Dog

With a simple magnetic drawing board to erase when fresh inspiration hits, inspire your little artist's imagination. The board's responsibly produced beechwood composition and three additional stamps give you more design options and make it a must-have for every playroom.

9) Highway - Road Set

Highway - Road Set

A more extensive design road measuring 148 inches in length can be laid out using the Highway's 24 changeable road sections. Twelve curves, eight straights, two crossroads, and two roundabouts are all present, ad it helps in the development of the motor skills of children.

Watch as your kids design their circuits and road maps for the toys and vehicles they love the most. It promotes creative play and works well when combined with other toys. The sturdy, child-safe material is flexible, strong, and unbreakable so that it can be used to lay out roads on almost any surface, both inside and outside.

10) Little Doctor Set

Little Doctor Set

Little Doctor Set for Motor Skill: If your child is interested in playing doctor, this is the perfect toy! It comes with a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, syringe, bandages, and more. This toy is excellent for developing fine motor skills, as your child will need to use small muscles to manipulate the various pieces.

11) Alphabites A to Z Puzzle & Playset

Alphabites A to Z Puzzle & Playset

A to Z Wooden Puzzle and Playset combines a play kitchen, a kid's puzzle, and a playset for serving food. THE WHOLE ALPHABET - From "Apple" to "Zucchini," children can use this playset to play with food, condiments, and cooking utensils while learning the alphabet letters and the names of each item. PLAY AND DISPLAY - A serving tray and a stovetop are depicted on either side of the wooden storage and display tray


These are the 11 best toys for fine motor skill development in 2022. From sensory balls to building blocks, these toys will help your child develop fine motor skills while having a lot of fun; check out this list.