Baby wrap clothes

What to buy and from where to buy, is a question we often stumble upon. Whether it’s a formal occasion or informal. These questions can dull the excitement. And things often go down the rabbit hole when you have to select gifts for a newborn because obviously, they can’t tell you about their preferences, liking, or choice. But, come on, it is not as difficult as it seems. There are a few things you should give a thought to when buying gifts for a newborn baby.

When selecting a baby product, we consider its design, ease of handling, material, and safety. Keeping these points in mind while buying would definitely help you. Also, if you're still not quite sure, here are the specially chosen newborn baby gifts that are surely the answer to your what to buy and where to buy questions.

  • Baby Bibs
bibs and burp cloths

One of the best gifts could be something that would be the troubles of the parents that they face while caring for their babies like bibs and burp cloths. Bibs are used to keep those tiny clothes clean and make feeding and drool time easy with their high-absorbent terry cloth reverse. And bibs save the parents and babies from frequent dress-changing sessions. Because let's face it, changing clothes is something not every baby enjoys.

No matter how small the gift is, the emotion behind it speaks volumes. This cute little bib with adorable prints is a must for those little munchkins. The snap closure at one shoulder makes this bib adjustable as the baby grows.

  • Wooden Clutching Toy 
rainbow ball

What one could always think of buying as a gift for babies? Toys! But, do newborn babies play with toys? Of course, they do. So, what kind of toys would be suitable for them? That is a valid question. A newborn baby gets attracted to sensory toys, toys that create sound and have light in them. Also, it should be light in weight and convenient to carry. 

One such lovely toy for a newborn is a wooden clutching toy rainbow ball. It is a lightweight, easy-to-carry, sound-making toy. Since it is made from wood, you don’t have to worry about it being a baby-safe toy. The sound it creates is soft and does not sound unpleasant or loud.

  • Natural Rubber Pacifiers
Teethers & Pacifiers

Watching an infant uncomfortable, annoyed, cranky, and crying is upsetting and heartbreaking. It becomes quite a task for parents to relieve the discomfort their baby is experiencing after ensuring that there are no sickness symptoms. Parents can climb mountains to calm them down. Sometimes, even swaddling, strolling, or rocking them doesn’t help. So, what can be done to help the parents and baby deal with such situations? Among other options, using a pacifier can be helpful.

And since this list is dedicated to gifting options for newborns, you can consider giving a pacifier as a gift. It can be provided at any age. It helps the baby to calm themselves during discomfort and crying. Let’s make parenting more manageable and less strenuous for parents and days less difficult for babies through FRIGG natural rubber pacifiers. It is crafted from natural rubber latex and 100% free from PVC, BPA, and phthalates. So, it is definitely baby-safe. The smooth surface discourages germs buildup, and the handle at the back makes using it convenient.

  • Teething Toys

Teether toys are generally for babies who are at the teething age. It makes the process a bit more bearable for both parents and the baby. However, in their initial months, babies start to grab things and put them inside their mouths. So, to prevent them from putting anything else that could prone them to diseases, a teething toy is a better alternative. They are made from baby-safe materials and keep the parents more relaxed about what their baby has in its mouth. 

Every baby product available today is more appealing in looks and designs so the teethers for them. Oli and Carol- Jerry the Blueberry is a fruit-shaped baby teether that would make a perfect gifting option. It will soothe little gums. Its small size is perfect for babies to hold on and its detailed texture will help babies to develop a sense of touch. Made from sustainable and eco-friendly processes with 100% natural rubber. This doesn’t have any holes, hence no bacterial buildup. This is a hand-painted teether with natural pigments so it is undoubtedly unique also. 

Still not sure! Build your own gift box

Deciding on a single gift could sometimes be confusing, and you are left torn between choices. But the question here is, why get confused when you can have it all in a single package? Yes, at Pureli, you can have all these beautiful cute little baby gifts in a single package with their build-your-own gift box service. Simply select a best-seller product from each category, and ta-da! Your personalized gift box is ready with top-quality curated items representing your love for that lovely baby. 

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